I registered for an event. How do I log in to participate?
Once you have registered for the event, return to the event page and click the “Join virtual event here!” button in the upper right of the top banner.  That will bring you to the live event.

Why can’t I hear the speaker?
The audio for the event will come through your computer or laptop speakers, so be sure to unmute your audio and/or turn it up.  If you still can’t hear the speaker, be sure that no other devices like headphones are connected to the computer. 

Can I dial into the event to listen to it?
Both the audio and the video for this event will be hosted on our online platform. If you would like to hear only the audio portion, use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to join the event.  

What if I don’t have a camera on my computer?
Attendees will not appear on screen and do not need to have a camera on their computer. Simply join the event, turn up your speakers, and listen along.

Will I be able to talk to other attendees?
There is a chat feature that allows you to connect with other attendees at the event.  

Will other attendees be able to see me?
Attendees will be able to see all of the speakers and event hosts but not other attendees.  Other attendees will not be able to see you. You can keep your jammies on for this one!

Is there a way to ask questions of the presenter?
Yes! We encourage all attendees to ask questions during events. Just enter your question into the Q&A module, and either the presenter will respond live or another expert will respond in the module. Each event will be staffed with several subject-matter experts so we can respond to as many questions as possible during the event. 

Is there any swag being given away at this event?
Sorry to disappoint, but swag will not be given away at all of our events. 

Will this be recorded and published for later viewing?
Our monthly Seller Check-Ins will be recorded and made available at the eBay for Business YouTube channel. 

Who do I contact if I have issues or questions?
For issues relating to the event, please contact sellerevents@ebay.com.