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Want to engage with your eBay buyers, turning one time shoppers into repeat customers? eBay marketing features offer you a way to do that and so much more!

Learn about the tools already in your eBay Seller Hub for managing your promotions, grouping your buyers, and targeting them with email newsletters to engage with your shoppers.

But how does one get buyers to follow you? And what newsletter content will produce repeat happy buyers? These questions and more will be answered by the eBay Seller Experience Team members joining us.

There will be plenty of time for questions. And the team will ask attendees questions as they would like our ideas on marketing to shoppers.

Promotions and buyer groups are available to all sellers, but only eBay store owners have access to creating an email newsletter. Sellers of all levels in the Eastern United States area are welcome to attend.

We meet virtually. Register on Meetup.com not here. Once registered, you'll receive the link for the meeting.


  • Kathy Terrill

    I Love To Be Selling


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