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Viv "Hey Viv" Vassar and Kara Johnson-Underwood join us to share how to be a part of a local "pop up" event with your eBay products.

Viv has a thriving eBay and online business based in Staten Island NY.

Viv astutely selects local "Pop Up" events to attend to sell her vintage and vintage inspired clothing and accessories. She will explain how she researches the events, decides what to sell, set up tips and more.

Kara Johnson-Underwood joins us from Lansing Michigan. Kara operates a thriving eBay and online business focusing on hand crafted items for babies.

Kara participated in eBay's Lansing Pop Up event. She'll share her top tips from being a part of a corporate pop up, including her preparation and how she displayed her items.

We will learn how to use pop up events to gain sales, local customers and get publicity for our eBay store!

Bring your questions! Sellers of all levels are welcome. Event is intended for sellers in northeast of the United States.
(Register on MeetUp.com site): https://bit.ly/34OESVq


  • Kathy Terrill

    I Love To Be Selling


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