About this event

Let's rebuild the New England Ebay Meetup group!

This relaxed event will include swimming, eating, drinking, networking!

Bring your drink of choice and maybe a snack or dessert.

Lunch will be served. Trish and I will provide the food.

We will have guest speakers Downtown Julie Brown and her husband Chris Brown. 

- Julie Brown is married to Chris and has been selling on eBay for 26 years. In the beginning it was very on and off. Mostly extra money for extra things or for travel. She has been full time for about 18 years selling mostly thrifted items. She started doing tiki about 6 years ago and now sell tiki mugs and things on eBay or at live tiki events. Chris helps with her store by listing cassettes, mini movie ads, Barney VHS and few others. She also loves Hanging out with her ebay tribe! She may even help you find yours!

- Chris Brown is Married to Julie with 2 PIA grown boys. He has been selling on eBay for 20+ years, full time for the last 7 years. He has his own ebay store where he exclusively sell used car and truck parts. He helps his wife with her eBay store as well. They enjoy traveling the country visiting Tiki bars and friends from all over. He really enjoy meeting fellow resellers, especially over a Tiki drink!

Kids welcome. This event is at my home address below.



Sunday, June 26, 2022
5:00 PM – 10:00 PM UTC


Let's meet again! Tiki, Automotive and Pools What do they have in common?


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