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At our last meet-up, 100% of attendees voted our next meetup should be a group shopping trip.
These meetups are super casual, fun and informative.

Let's plan a 2-hour gathering at the Goodwill Outlets in Colorado Springs.  I encourage everyone to shop freely, but it is fun to do in a group and share the items you're picking up.

*NOTE: The shopping portion is scheduled from 9-11am.  Dunkin' Donuts "pre-meetup" will be from 8:30-9 and is in the parking lot of the Goodwill Outlet.  Please feel free to attend any portion of this meetup and stay for as little or long as you would like!

If you've never been shopping at the Goodwill Outlet, here is some general information and tips:
Nearly everything is sold by the pound.  You will need to dig through merchandise to find your wares - nothing is on shelves or hanging.
Bring your own bags!  Most bring the large Ikea type bags.
Some will wear face masks to cut down on dust inhalation.
Some will wear gloves when digging through merchandise.


Let's gather and caffeinate
Shop, socialize and share


  • Liz O'Kane

    Colorado ReWorn


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