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YES! This group still exists and I am very sorry it's been a while since our last meetup.
Let's get together to discuss anything reselling - so much to learn from each other!

I will be specifically touching on eBay International Shipping and a couple of features of eBay stores we may be missing out on.  However, I like these meetings to be community-driven.  Please bring your own insights, thoughts and questions.  If you learned anything new at eBay Open or have implemented any best practices in your business that has helped, please share!

We will be meeting at the C21 library for 1.5 hours to talk shop, but let's plan on extending a social period for dinner/snack/drink at Chuy's Tex Mex up the street from 7-9 (self pay).


  • Robin Gammie

    Colorado Springs eBay & Ecommerce Resellers


  • Liz O'Kane

    Colorado ReWorn


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In Person Seller Meetup - eBay Shipping and Stores Updates

Colorado Springs eBay and eCommerce Reseller Meetup

Oct 26, 11:30 PM – Oct 27, 1:00 AM

Let's meet to discuss eBay shipping and stores