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Ebay New England Sellers (Wicked Smaht Ebay Sellers of New England) is a group for anyone who sells online. You don't even need to be from New England! If you are ever in Massachusetts and we are having a meeting we would love you to join us! Whether you sell on eBay, other ecommerce sites, or your own website; if you are just starting out or are an experienced professional, come by and meet some other online sellers. You never know what you'll learn next! We will be having monthly meetings whether online or in person.

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Diane Lassonde

Owner, Creations Unlimited
Shop Creations Unlimited

Trish Glenn

Super Sale Trish

Denise Feeney

Chapter Organizers

Welcome to the eBay Community!

eBay hosts a vibrant marketplace where collectors, enthusiasts, and bargain hunters alike come together, sharing not just transactions, but passions, stories, and a mutual support that makes every buy and sell feel personal and connected. Hear from members of our seller community discuss their favorite aspects of the eBay Community.

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Seller Meeting - In-person

Ebay New England Sellers EPIC Reseller Meet-up with Special Guests

Seller Meeting - In-person

Ebay Open 2022 New England - Live In-Person Watch Party and Event

Seller Meeting - In-person

Ebay New England Sellers August Monthly Meeting - Special Guest T$ the boss Theresa Cox

Seller Meeting - In-person

Let's meet up again! Tiki, Automotive and Pools What do they have in common?

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United States of America