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This chapter has a goal of teaching new and experienced eBay sellers how to make the most possible money in a variety of ways. We will be having guests that source and sell in all different locations. This chapter is for anyone in the world who wants to gain some knowledge from some of the best sellers in all of social media. We embrace Sellers from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and all social platforms who want to help others learn. Our Motto is "We are not Competitors". We will have virtual classes and occasionally in-person meet-ups. Chapter Leader is "Kingsofebay" on all social platforms. 

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Kings of eBay

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The Estate Kings

Welcome to the eBay Community!

eBay hosts a vibrant marketplace where collectors, enthusiasts, and bargain hunters alike come together, sharing not just transactions, but passions, stories, and a mutual support that makes every buy and sell feel personal and connected. Hear from members of our seller community discuss their favorite aspects of the eBay Community.

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Past Events

Seller Meeting - In-person

BRIMFIELD MEET-UP! Largest Vintage Flea Market in the USA - May Event! Sponsored By eBay with SWAG!!

Seller Meeting - Virtual

Virtual - KINGS OF EBAY - Teaches how to Set Up Your Store Categories to Triple your Sales!!

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United States of America